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      Garbage disposal methods film shredder

      Time:2014-1-20 Click:3142

      Garbage disposal methods film shredder
      Garbage is now one of the major life issues , such as the mountain of garbage situation in our country is already a common thing that we see almost everywhere we throw garbage everywhere , which is our living environment caused some adverse effects . The international community waste disposal , there are four , namely, separation and recycling , landfill , composting, incineration . Nanjing emblem of renewable resources Ltd. to resolve the problem of people's garbage introduced the most advanced waste shredder to complete the household waste utilization.
      Dongguan Da Ling Shan PATTERSON plastic machinery plant for the actual situation of domestic garbage , combining the advantages of traditional crusher shredder , waste of life in common , such as Lulu bottles, Wong Lo Kat bottles, beer filling , perfect bucket etc. Shred processing to take advantage of these favorable trash resources.
      Shredder can shred a variety of materials for , shredded ability, high yield , low energy consumption , high efficiency , high power sources using the powerful torque at low speed , the metal also has good tear capability , using advanced sound technology , low noise, low vibration , and the operation is very easy and simple.
      Shredder industry for China's green industry has made a great contribution , especially prominent as a resource on plastics recycling . Shredder and its main advantage lies in its design differs from similar industries , shredder industry in this country has a strong advantage : high efficiency, save labor , and better economic returns, and now in order to extend the life of equipment , reduce power requirements , and many handling large pieces of scrap recycling manufacturers use step granulation method . The first step in a two-step granulation method generally used for large pieces of shredder scrap into smaller size, and then sent to the scrap granulator. Compared with the corresponding size of the granulator , shredder require very low power , and can avoid the stress problems that expensive processing power in the granulator chunk scrap frequently encountered.薄膜撕碎機


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