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      Contact: Mr. Zhou (Business Manager)

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      Plastic head shredder - dream into reality

      Time:2014-1-22 Click:3161

      Plastic head shredder features and functions :
      1, the pole shaft structure, multi-chip multi- claw tool , and with the knife shaft with multi-angle changes made ??when cutting effort, cutting ability, demonstrated strong crushing capacity .
      2 , tooling material is made ??of special steel , hardened and long life, and can chip replacement, repair welding and can be regenerated .
      3 , the motor through a gearbox transmission do transmission structure, making it a powerful low speed high torque operation , easy to reach the crushing effect .
      4 large transmission gear, adopt special steel, hardened and longer life.
      5 , gearbox lubrication oil immersion mining , smooth operation , low noise , large torque resistance, long running jobs.
      6 , low speed and high torque design provides low noise and less dust capacity and enhance good working environment.
      Series of ultra strong crusher used in plastic products , die material dedicated to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional high-powered mill , crushing other shaped objects of wood , wire, cable , wood, paper products, aluminum , rubber and so on.
      The company since its inception, the talent strategy is widely accepted and reserves with advanced management experience of professionals to form a good knowledge of the structure of personnel ; in product strategy followed the world trend , and constantly develop appropriate field of advanced plastics auxiliary equipment, to improve the market competitiveness ; in the service we follow the customer is God , "sincere , trustworthy, hardworking ," the purpose , to provide users with a full range of services.


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