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      Hello, welcome to visit Dongguan huada machinery co. LTD site!

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      Contact: Mr. Zhou (Business Manager)

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      Wood shredder

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      Wood shredder

      Wood shredder

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      Wood shredder uses:
      Wood shredder is a machine used for crushing , generally used for handling raw materials or scrap to make finer size . Representative examples of after the shredded scrap plastics or rubber as a raw material melting granulation for re-production of plastic bottles, trash tire or the like . Shredder used in plastics recycling industry , commonly used in large diameter PE waste plastic pipe , packaged in bundles of plastic film, plastic sheet and a large pile of broken nose material .
      Application of wood shredder generally include:
      ● The failure of the product shredded into smaller pieces for recycling .
      ● Reduce the volume of raw materials and other materials to be mixed .
      ● shredded organic material to produce biofuel .
      ● tore some textile fiber materials in order to re-use , such as carpet pieces.
      In fact, shredder for shredding all kinds of plastics , rubber , tires, fiber, paper, wood, iron , waste electrical , cable scrap , industrial scrap, garbage and other solid or hollow materials.

      Wood shredder applications:
      The main materials for a variety of soft and hard wood shredder , mainly shredded plastic drums , rubber tires, baskets material , Large films, big films mulch bales of plastic sheeting , plastic film packing bales , bales packed tons of packages woven bags , roll film , Tetra Pak boxing , Combibloc , paper , fiber, wood and so on. Broken difficult such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerator case , a large pipe, pipe fittings , forklift pallets , tires, drums, plastic , rubber, large tires , large nylon , plastic head material , car bumpers , chunk nets , fibers, paper, wood , electrical parts , cables , PET bottles , cardboard , board , wood, and other solid objects . Users can handle the size and amount of material to choose the appropriate model .

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