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      Hello, welcome to visit Dongguan huada machinery co. LTD site!

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      Contact: Mr. Zhou (Business Manager)

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      Tire shredder

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      Tire shredder

      Tire shredder

      Category:Hot Products


      Tire shredder is a machine for radial tires and bias tires crushing equipment , its purpose is to be broken into 50 × 50mm tire rubber around the block , in order to facilitate the subsequent crushing process , is the preferred machine crushed rubber tires . The structure includes : into the hopper , motor , transmission, crushing chamber , screening bodies and chassis and other components.

      Note tire shredder work as follows:
      1 tire shredder before beginning work , want to tear the whole machine checks , such as internal wiring , shredder or without other debris .
      2 shredder at work , the first no-load operation, if there is no abnormality in feed production to begin .
      3 sieve shredder shredder is an important part of the work , and therefore it is fixed or to check , whether the missing material .
      4 If you work out in the shredder sound unusual or sudden discharge port and motor bearings are gambling fever unusual phenomena should be promptly closed the machine , and then check the fault and then discharged to work .

      Usage: for injection molding machines and other auxiliary equipment side
      Packaging : Available wood packaging , the specific requirements by the customer to decide
      Service : The above machine from date of purchase can enjoy free warranty ( electrical warranty for six months , except for human error and scrap machine tools ) within one year. I have a problem after customer notification Division for field service engineers to within 24 hours .

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