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      Hello, welcome to visit Dongguan huada machinery co. LTD site!

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      Contact: Mr. Zhou (Business Manager)

      Tel: 0769-83350969

      Phone: 13829119477

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      Address: a district rhinoceros Pei Yuen Kong Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China Wu Xiang 56

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      Quick crusher

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      Quick crusher

      Quick crusher

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      Quick crusher features:
      1, material storage type fast machine is a silent crusher machine placed on the side, for small plastic parts and outlet material recycling.
      2, fast: outlet material has been put into the crusher can be recycled to the injection molding machine, the re-injection products, can be equipped with mechanical hand use.
      3, Shoulder material: material outlet temperature after removal, will suffer oxidation, wet (to absorb moisture) and the destruction of property, namely recycling can reduce physical strength, reduce damage color gloss.
      4, to save money: short recovery, to avoid contamination, caused by poor mixing ratio can reduce plastic waste and losses, labor, management, storage, purchase materials funds.
      5, diverse: according to the hardness of material to choose their own claw knife and slice knife.快速破碎機

      Quick crusher use and maintenance:
      (1) rapid crushing machine motor is factory seals, couplings have been corrected, please do not loose [1];
      (2) regular cleaning tube and iron impurities permanent magnet permanent magnet crusher feeder board;
      (3) Regularly check the crushing fineness of the finished product;
      (4) regularly clean or replace filter bag (bag to ensure ventilation), regularly check the work of the solenoid valve (to see if it is working properly);
      (5) regularly check each wearing crusher wear parts, to see whether they are normal wear and tear;
      (6) always pay attention to the vibration of the crusher;

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